Toyota K747

Bellingham, WA
United States

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Wonderful condition Toyota Elna 747 for sale! Reads 12 stitch punch cards and has levers to manually select patterns. Solid workhorse of a machine, works wonderfully and has been used by me for a few months after cleaning & maintenance.

She’s been disassembled as much as I’m able to clean and oiled, has extra needles, a new sponge from and a lace carriage as well has a stack of punch cards that are intended for sweater yokes and 2 extra weights. All the original accessories are included too - extension rails, cast on comb, all the tools. Her only quirks is the needle selector tool is missing one of the comb tines and the carriage II buttons were cracked and epoxied back together. The II (tuck) button on the left doesn’t reliably stay in but I just hold it in manually when passing the carriage for tuck stitch. If you have better tools to open the carriage without stripping the screws, I’m sure it could be fixed but I couldn’t get it open with what I have on hand.

Local pickup within an hour of Bellingham, WA strongly preferred. Shipping at buyer’s expense, highly recommend paying for packing service and insurance.